Birthday month wrap up

12 Apr

Ok so it was my birthday month last month and I celebrated all month long due to my friends not being able to all get together at the same time or place. So like the incredibly generous person I am, I allowed them to shower me with gifts throughout the whole month of March instead of just on my actual birthday. Here are the pics from San Antonio and Brownsville with me of course and Jess, David, Mark, Steve, Yori, Rosemary,Gilbert and Christina. ( Christina, sorry but we didn’t have our cameras with us at the time…no pics of you. )

 0023.jpg 0033.jpg 00201.jpg0043.jpg 0053.jpg 0063.jpg 0072.jpg 0082.jpg 0091.jpg 00101.jpg 00113.jpg 00121.jpg 00141.jpg 00161.jpg 00171.jpg 00181.jpg 00211.jpg


One Response to “Birthday month wrap up”

  1. Jessica Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 12:11 am #

    Hey there Judy – Love the pictures! I stole the ones that I didn’t have. And as Tony would say …have a greaaaaaaat day!

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