Road Trip

4 Apr

So what we have here is the 2nd half of a road trip. I didn’t capture the 1st half because I didn’t properly charge the camera. Oh well.  What we have here is a typical trip traveling from Brownsville back to San Antonio and the sights along the way.

This is the view leaving Brownsville.  The start of a looong journey.


Here’s Jess jammin out to Vanilla Ice which she gets on XM on the 90’s station for 3 months free thanks to her new car purchase of a Honda Accord Coupe. Go Jess!


These are the last of the Palm trees as we leave the valley. Or as we cheerfully yell on every visit to Brownsville…..”YAY! Palm trees!” because we know we’ll soon reach our destination.


Here we are at the start of King Ranch. Miles and miles of boring emptiness. Not even a mile marker ( which would have come in handy during the several times my car has broken down and needed some kind of land mark to let peeps know where i’m stranded. )


Here’s Jess taking a picture of me while I was taking a picture of her. I still need to get that particular photo from her.


Here we are about an hour and a half into the trip and we arrive at the checkpoint.  All it really is, is border patrol checking vehicles for illegal immigrants and drugs.


This was the van that was in front of us. They have a LOOONG way to go. By the way, whats with the dog?


A closer look at border patrol sign.


Ahh here we are at the first of the small towns we travel through between Sarita and Calallen. This is the Dairy Queen Jessica wouldn’t stop at for me because of her new no food or drink rule in her new car.


This is also from the same town if I remember correctly. ( I always forget which town is named what. ) It just looks so like a place i’d be afraid to enter or eat from.  Sort of Texas Chainsaw Massacre like.


Here we are going through one of those small towns ( which we have to slow down to 45 mph unless we want a ticket. ) The police are harsh around here. Apparently something went wrong though. This is the best shot I could get but there’s an suv in the grass there that rolled over and some dude was in a stretcher.


The picture is a little blurry. I don’t have the steadiest of hands. But there’s this gas station that’s out of business but still sports the price of gas when it was a $1.87. Oh if only….


Here we are in Calallen, the last of the small towns on the way to S.A. This is the gas station/Burgerking we always stop at.


This is the gas station restroom that I never fail to bless. 🙂


And I kid you not. The baby changing station really does have the C smudged off so that it now reads ” Baby Hanging Station.” No photoshopping was involved.  Horrible but funny.


Here we are on the start of that 2nd long stretch from Calallen to San Anton. My hand was a little shaky here too.


Theres this lone house in the middle of nowhere. It’s huge! I always wondered who lives there. Well wouldnt ya know it. I fell asleep at the picture taking wheel. So I missed the shot. But in this vastly detailed and life like drawing in which I drew, you get to see what it looks like as though I actually had taken the photo from inside the car.  🙂


And here is another maker, a hill which we lovingly refer to when we pass it as…..The Hill. It looks like it’d be a great hill to hike but Jess is afraid of mountain lions…..bah! Chicken, I say! 🙂


And here we are…..FINALLY entering the outskirts of San Antonio. Oh what a beautful site to see that our trip is about to end.



2 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. Yoriko Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 8:28 pm #

    I honestly think you should create “Judy and Jessica Road trip game” for Nintendo Wii.
    You have to share your excitement with the rest of the world.

  2. Jessica Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 12:16 am #

    Love the picture of the lone house on the hill!

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