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28 Mar

So just to give you guys an idea ofwhat keeps me glued to my desk, I decided to go ahead and give you an inside look and show you just what surrounds me and why it’s there in the first place. Here is the desk at which I reside many hours at…sometimes actually doing some work. I love my dual monitor set up. It comes in soo handy instead of having to minimize and maximize the screen and so on. Of courese, it would be better if it was a Mac and if I had a notebook as well but I’m working on that.  😉 


And here is where I sit my booty down. I actually got this chair down at the mini golf place at the Island. The lady wanted $100 but I only had $80 and I’ve had it ever since. I think that was back in 1998. Wow…almost 10 years.     


Down below here is my shelf ‘0 fun. We’ve got my favorite design and reference books. I’ve even got some literature there. There’s Chaucer, some 19th century short stories, and of course good ‘ol  Ed……Edgar Allen Poe. That big picture there is a goodbye card my ex co workers made for me when I left my job at Palo Alto College. And of course, a shelf just ins’t complete without Halloween finger puppets and a box full of Play-doh.  And all this proves once more is that most of the time…..I just have way too much time on my hands.  🙂


 Here we have my collection of Flash Forward souvenirs from the 2006 conference in Austin. I was working at Karta at the time and since I was a newbie I wasn’t selected to attend but I got to go anyway by a wonderful default…WITH a friend! Both of the peeople that had attended the day before weren’t going to able to continue to go, so I was able to snag the passes instead. It was completely awesome to be surrounded by a community of people who are into the same things I’m into. There were so many awesome works there and to be around the people who created them, yet another bonus. So these are the things I hold dear from that conference. ( P.S ) Steve was the one who snagged the Cider bottle for me.


 And speaking of Steve, I went over to he and Yoriko’s house the other day. I got on their computer and opened up my email account because I had saved a link to a cool website I had found and I wanted to show them. ( Litfuse Design )  Well when I got home, I checked my email account only to find that I had an email from myself……..to myself. So there I was scratching my head when it hit me. I finally realized I had forgotten to close out my email account at their place. So being the mischivious person Steve is sometimes, he sent the following email.


 Some of the decorations/ tools at my disposal are from the greatest bookstore on earth!! Powell’s bookstore. I love visiting my friends in Portland for a number of reasons but evertime I visit them, I totally have to visit Powells bookstore downtown.  It’s an entire city block, 3 stories high, book catagories are sectioned off by color codes for each room….it’s completely awsome! I usually spend most of my time in The Pearl room. Lots of cool art finds there. They also have a rare book room there which is temperature controlled but I always get there too late to see it. It closes earlier than the rest of the bookstore.  So here are a couple of the postcards I picked up from there and this really cool pencil sharpener in the shape of a nose.

powells.jpg nose.jpg

Here we have my pencil/pen holder. Nothing really special about that except for the decor. ( Threadless and Archie Mcphee. ) Mcphee has the weirdest coolest novelty toys around and Theadless….well I just can’t say enough about them. Awesome T-shirts! Designed by designer peers, chosen by you , great prize money, great forums and on and on!


And in front of my monitors are a few of my favorite toys. But my favorite by far is Opera Dude. He’s the one eyed guy. I was surfing through Tokyo Plastic one day and came across Opera Dude. I just HAD to have him!

toys.jpg operadude.jpg

Two of my most recent additions are my I Want to Believe poster. This is the same poster that Fox Mulder has behind his desk in his office in the basement. And the other one is a big birthday card given to me by Steve and Yoriko. It’s pretty fun, unique ……and edible! I had to photograph it first before I started eating it. haha.

 iwanttobelieve.jpg birthdaypresent.jpg

And I guess to sum everything up, here is a final view of the entire office so to speak.



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